Thursday, October 9, 2008


I love Tulip. Not the flower, though those are quite lovely too – they always make me think of Pella and windmills and my old friend Leslie who went to Central College.

No. I’m talking about the store Tulip in Andersonville. It’s a tiny little shop discretely wedged between two framing shops on Berwyn east of Clark.

Tulip is a sex toy shop.

Oh how easy it would be for it to be sleazy and cheap. But it’s not. It’s cute and quaint and the salesgirls are always tremendously helpful. (I guess they don’t have to be salesgirls, but really, the shop does mostly cater to women)

It’s very much a boutique. Tiny – smaller than my livingroom – with shelves proudly displaying sundry items from simple, sleek vibrators, to the complex and intriguing multi-action toys like the rabbit (bought mine at Tulip last year – LOVE IT!) A single rack of corsets and other snazzy lingerie, a small library of self-help and erotic fiction, and a small wall devoted to co-education items like cock rings.

I popped in there last night on my way home. I wanted some new erotica. Again – it would be so easy for this to be an excruciatingly embarrassing situation, but it wasn’t. I wandered in, smiled at the salesclerk, and started to peruse the bookshelves.

She recommended a book of short stories that I’m hopeful about. So far so good, anyway…

It was all very mature and respectful and upbeat. No silly giggles or creepy leering or awkward silences. But there was one moment of mirth. As I was paying, I glanced down and on the floor next to the register there was a bucket full of candy-colored penises (penii?) with a sign which read “Discount Dildos – 20% Off”

Hee hee!

Just the book for me – this time. Maybe next time I’ll have to take a closer look at some of the restraints or maybe buy Flawless a new cat-o-nine-tails for her birthday…

Happy Thursday all!

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