Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Um…. Just Ignore That…


I had impromptu drinks and appetizers at the Midtown (formerly Mondays) last night after work. He had moved since the previous election and hadn’t re-registered to vote so he had to come to the County Clerk’s office to take advantage of the grace period (over now) and vote.

Since he was in my ’hood, he gave me a buzz and we met up to talk about work, our writing, his girlfriend, my cabana boy – pretty much everything.

Afterward, he missed the last purple line up to E-town so I offered to drive him home. He waffled a bit but accepted.

We got into my car and started driving north.

Dave: Um…. Your car is making a funny noise.
EEE: Shhh! It might hear you.
Dave: But that sounds really bad. It sounds like it’s coming from the front of the car.
EEE: Yeah… We don’t talk about that.
Dave: Have you had it looked at?
EEE: I’m ignoring it and hoping it’ll go away.

Oh, I could just hear him stewing about what an irresponsible car owner I am.

Sigh. I suppose I should take it in. Maybe I’ll call the Car Talk guys…

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