Monday, December 29, 2008


Sharon is trying to bribe me.

Man... That woman knows how to play me. She's been trying to get me to enroll in a class at the gym - ANY class - ever since we started working together.

But I don't want to do classes. I'm not a joiner. I prefer to workout solo - aside from my sessions with Sharon. I don't like having other people looking at me. I'm clumsy and I lack coordination (it says so on my Kindergarten report card) and I get very self-conscious in situations like that.

So Sharon's latest idea has been to get me into a spinning class. Her theory is sound. There're no goofy dance steps for me to flub up or difficult moves to master. Just pedal. Pedal pedal pedal. (And yes, Garth, you know I think of you every time I get on a bike!)

And the carrot?

Sharon: If you go to a class I'll give you a surprise.
EEE: Oooh! What surprise?
Sharon: You won't know unless you go.


Oh, yes. She knows how to play me.

So, I have not yet gone to a spinning class yet (there's one on Tuesdays at 5:15am that would fit my schedule perfectly) but only because I wasn't sure A) that my ass could handle it or that B) I was strong enough to bike for an hour straight.

But I've been working to break in my ass. Sharon told me that it takes three sessions on a bike to break in your ass. The first time will hurt. The second time will hurt. The third time will hurt. And then, like a miracle, the fourth time: no pain.

And, what do you know? She was right. I've biked almost every day since she first mentioned the spinning class. The first time it hurt. The second time it hurt. The third time it hurt. And the fourth time - just like Sharon said - it didn't hurt.

Huh. Who knew?


Garth said...

Very true story. Now that your all broken in, an hour long class will be a piece of cake.

Your surprise will be...

A nice firm butt. I mean a nicer, firmer butt.

EEE said...

So... what are you saying, Garth????

What's WRONG with my ass???




Garth said...

Oh, a tip about spin classes. The person behind you gets to stare at your ass for an hour. If you don't like that fact then get there early so you can take the back row.

I take the first or second row cause I like to see my cadence in the mirror in front of me. Plus I know I have a nice ass so someone one should get the benefit of looking at it. (LOL) Preferably a female.

Anonymous said...

I read the number of times you worked out this year on the "Ask the Regs...". I'm impressed!!! Actually, it is phenomenal.

How much have you lost? I know you were telling us.