Monday, December 8, 2008


I had jury duty today.

And I'll have jury duty tomorrow.

And the next day.

And the next day.

Yep. I was Chosen.

Luck of the draw, mostly. My panel group was called early and in the group I was called early. So unless they had a reason to object to me, I was going to be Chosen.

It's not a bad time at work for this to happen. I'm not terribly busy right now and the judge is fairly certain it will be a three day trial. Period.

I'm actually kind of intrigued. I'm curious about the legal process and if nothing else, it's an "experience" and I'm all about the "experiences" in life.


So you know I'm totally going to try to be the foreperson....



Anonymous said...

Well, you just have to let us in on everything after it's through.

My boss' wife had jury duty and her husband (my boss) went all "no I'm not getting you out of this -- it's your civic duty" kind of thing. Guess what!? She got a murder trial and it lasted three weeks. They have three kids. OMG he was sooooooooooo pissed and suddenly that civic duty speech he wanted to take back.

I think it's good we can be on juries -- I really do. I do believe in civic duty and all that BS. But if I got on a murder trial and was locked up for weeks -- I'd be the same way. That civic duty crap is out the window then.

So I'm glad they're relatively sure that it's only a couple of days.

We'll miss you on the boards.

Or at least our "clique" will.

I hate that word, too. Remind me to tell you about my sis and cliques sometime.


Anonymous said...

I hope the trial is over Friday. Topix is way more fun when you're posting.


Anonymous said...

Miss you on the boards, EEE. Give us updates when you can!


Anonymous said...

I know you can't tell us anything substantive about the trial, but may we now address you as "Madam Foreperson"?

(Does that sound kind of dirty?)


Garth said...

C'mon spill the beans. What are the charges? Describe the scumbag thats charged. Share the details of the case.

I spent three days on a jury a year or two ago for a stinking DUI charge that happened in Lincoln Park. The guy had been fighting the charges for three years (cause he had priors obviously) but the cop was 100% unbelievable. Nothing like doing your civic duty and learning that a uniformed officer can't convince a jury that he did his job without entrapping the defendent and didn't lie in a court of law. Chicago is sooooooo pathetic. We found the defendent not guilty.

Anonymous said...

We love EEE, she is a babe among babes and anyone who bugs her should be dealt with swiftly.

Ed (Newwbie)