Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Love U

I think my mom is using the internet too much.

I got my first round of holiday cards today.

The first is from my trainer. That was nice of her. I feel a little guilty because I don't really send out cards. I'll just tell her tomorrow that I got her card...

The second card I got was from my mom. Technically it was from "Mom & Dad" but I've never seen the words "Love, Mom & Dad" written in Dad's handwriting. Ever.

But the odd thing was that above the "Mom & Dad" were the (hand-written) words "We Love U"

Not "We Love YOU" but "We Love U"

A fantastic sentiment but pretty disconcerting.

Lord help me if she ever starts to text...

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Anonymous said...

My daughter got this book "Coke or Pepsi" and it has fun questions friends can ask each other like "what's your favorite snack for a long trip and why?" I don't know, it is just a good "girl" book full of cutesy conversation starters. She loves it.

But she has kept it out of my sight. She always is the one to hold it if she asks me any questions, and etc. I did not think anything of it but when she was at school and had left it on her desk; I did absentmindedly pick it up.

It is written in text message gobblety-gook. AUGH!! That is my pet peeve (as I teach writing, all typos aside, and such writing always ALWAYS seems to find its way into college writing and written email requests to professors (even for letters of recommendation!!). Lo and behold, it says right on the cover "Would U Rather drink Coke or Pepsi? Y?"

My daughter bought this book at school at their SCHOLASTIC books book drive.

And now your mother, someone of a different generation, is using the text speak too.

Augh. The world is coming to an end.