Thursday, December 18, 2008

One for you; Two for me

Ugh. I have a problem shopping around the holidays. I don’t shop very often normally. When I need something, I’ll go to a store with that particular item in mind, buy it, and leave.

The problem with the holidays is that I’m not shopping for me.

So I end up going into stores that I would normally not frequent.

And I see all sorts of new, cute things. And I want them.

So I end up buying my Secret Santa coworker the tie he requested – and I end up buying myself two new sweaters and a pair of earrings.

But they were all on sale!!!!


Through most of the year when I see something I like, I have a soft rule that I will leave the store without buying anything. If I still want it the next day, (hell, if I still REMEMBER it the next day!) I’ll go back and get it.

Obviously, this rule doesn’t apply if I’ve traveled all the way out to fooking Woodfield or the store is otherwise difficult to get to.

Apparently it also doesn’t apply during the holiday sale season.

I mean, really, $25 for cashmere???? How am I supposed to turn that down?

So, a rational person would then make the decision to do the rest of her shopping online where impulse buying is easier to resist.

But I’ve waited too long, dammit, and I’m now running the risk of my gifts not arriving on time.

So. Everyone left on my list is getting stuff from Best Buy. I don’t impulse shop at Best Buy.

Though…. Maybe I’ll buy myself a new DVD. Or two….


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garth said...

I'm happy with Best Buy. How about an "Iron man" DVD? (hint hint)

Maybe you'd do better sticking to a holiday gift budget if you only shopped with cash. But I'm the same way, it's just not Christmas if you don't knock out the shopping list for others and then get a little something for yourself that you really really wanted but didn't put on a list for anyone to buy cause you know they'd never go for that option. I'm thinking about buying myself a bike trainer.