Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have a troll problem.


Do I have a sign on my back that reads: "Trolls Wanted: Ask me How" ????

Apparently I have the ability to annoy anyone anywhere.

Also I have mad alliteration skills.

But lately it's been a bit ridiculous, even for me. There was that Babar chick who got all shirty when I offered gift-giving advice that she didn't like. And then yesterday there was the Super Spud who LIKES TO TYPE EVERYTHING IN ALL CAPS. And I HATE that.

Should I have let it go? Yeah... probably, but he got it into his head that I was really his arch-nemesis in disguise and he wouldn't let it go.

But I have to take a look at the common denominator here: ME.

What am I doing wrong? More importantly: WHY do I let myself get drawn into these stoopid, pointless arguments with people I don't even know????


Anonymous said...

Because it's fun. Because you let go a little stress every once in awhile. Because we are human and we did thinking emotionally once in awhile because we are not Mitsy.

Hope you laughed at that last part.


Anonymous said...

AND once in awhile we can type correctly but obviously not in the above post.


I know, you know Terrispeak.

Anonymous said...


One thing I think may contribute to your problem of being targeted by weirdos is that on those boards, you obviously have a close relationship with other posters. I don't know exactly why, but your posts illustrate more than other frequent posters to the regular boards (as opposed to "The Regulars" or one of your group's other boards, where it is obvious and part of it) that you are part of a close knit...well, clique is the word I would use.

Who gets intimidated by cliques? Well, I'm not going to put a fine point on it or try to be nice, WEIRDOS do. People who never fit in anywhere, and then they come to these boards, and they see that again, there is some "cool" clique and they don't fit in again.

Honestly, I think you are getting all these people who have trouble making friends taking it out on you.

You are just more likely than say, Terri, or Race, or the Texas guy, or any of "The Regulars" to get flirty, or use inside jokes or whatever, that let everyone know you are part of a happy gang of folks. They just, on the regular boards, most often just stick to what ever is at play in the column. You more often than they do at least, don't.

I think you guys are funny, and I like to read your back and forth sometimes, but you asked what I think is happening, and so I am offering one take on it.

Garth said...

the previous poster could be right, or...

You might want to change deoderants.

I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.


EEE said...

Terri - I don't know what we'd all do w/o your TTD! Love ya, girly!


#3 Who dat?!

Good points. I don't like to think of us as a "clique" - that seems so exclusionary and really I figure the more the merrier.

But yeah, we "know" each other and we agree a lot so it can seem like we're ganging up on those who disagree with us.

And I do love to argue...


Garth - punk.

Angela said...

I think one reason E3 attracts trolls is she speaks up. I tend to not call people out on their shit because (1) I'm old and I've been on the 'net since 1993, so I think I just have lots of experience at tuning out and not caring and (2) I've learned that someone else often WILL call someone out, and in a more mature/calm manner than I would have done.

You do that very well.

But maybe because you do it in a calm, chillin' sort of manner, it gets under someone's skin more than if you just went apeshit on their ass? It's easy to brush off a psycho, but being called out by a respected, head-on-straight regular may make one bristle.

Just my opinion. I think you're pretty cool, so we're gonna let you stay on Topix. ;)

Thanks for making me feel welcome. I'm really enjoying everyone's company.

Tamora said...

You're not doing anything wrong. You're the most witty and entertaining person on Topix :)

My humble opinion.