Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Braille Parking

I get more flat tires than anyone I know.

And for someone who only drives (at most) 3,000 miles a year, that's quite a feat.

And I can never blame them on potholes or road rubbish. It's always my own fault. I'm not a bad driver - really I'm not.

In fact, my flats rarely occur when I'm actually driving the car. More often, I come back to where I've parked the thing and find the tire flat (and it's always the same tire)

My flats are never from a nail in the tread or a dented rim or any of the usual suspects. And I can never just get it patched or refilled. I always - ALWAYS - end up buying a new tire.

Because I rip the shit out of the sidewall.

Every time.

And I know how this happens. I parallel park by feel.

How close am I to the car in front of me?
There it is!

How close am I to the car behind me?
There it is!

How close am I to the curb?
Yep! There it is!

It's really a crime. Today's tire only had 6,000 miles on it.

So now it's time to play musical tires again: figure out which two are best and put them on the front...

I still have a leftover tire from the last time I did this and bought two new tires so I'll have that remounted - but now I need to buy a trunk organizer b/c that tire kept my trunk in pretty good order...

Oh well!

Happy Equinox, all!

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cycle003 said...

You are so adorable. It's really great that you can "laugh" at yourself over these things.