Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Second Wave

I'm being invaded again.

This time it's just my mom and dad (Jo and her spawn are staying home)

And there's not much need to entertain them. We'll hang out. We'll eat. We'll talk. We'll read our respective books.

It'll be difficult. But it'll be nice to see them. And at least this time I don't have to share the futon with a kid who's all knees and elbows...

I may not get my home to myself - but at least I'll have the futon all to my own.


cycle003 said...

Will you take them anywhere unique? Maybe to do something in the city that they couldn't do back home? Maybe a show or something?

EEE said...

Hey, yeah. If I can't laugh at me, I'd cry when everyone else does!

Though, now that I no longer have an extra spare tire in my trunk (from when I got talked into buying TWO new tires instead of one) I no longer have a way to keep all the crap in my trunk from rolling around.

So I had to get a new trunk-organizer. I call it "Box"


Terri said...

Get your dad to get you something to store the second tire in your apartment. No need to keep two in your trunk, right? Or was it his idea?

I was thinking it'd keep him busy.