Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Fight

Got into my first fight with B on Sunday night.

It was stoopid - as all fights are - and really just amounted to a breakdown in communication.

But it was good. A few things got cleared up and I got to see his fighting style.

It's different from mine.

But that's to be expected.

I now have a better feel for what's in his head (he's not ever gonna be one of those guys who volunteers intimate information) and I can relax a bit about some things that were bothering me.

Of course, we kissed and made up. And then made up again.



Terri said...

Oh, all that morning stuff. You must have fought either late the night before or early in the morning.

Make up sex is good. With the right person.

Angela said...

What would you say is his fighting style?

EEE said...

Well... He is trained in Kendo, but he also does MMA stuff...


shane said...

I'm curious if and when it is time to divulge to someone that you have a blog.

EEE (or any of you bloggers), if you found out that "B" discovered your blog, would that upset you?

I'm not even saying that you have ever mentioned anything inappropriate - i doubt that you have. Since blogging is so new, there wasn't anything like it before. I just wonder if it would be like finding out that someone read your diary

EEE said...

Interesting point, Shane.

I'd be damned surprised if B "found" my blog - but I have not told him about it.

I've written nothing here that I wouldn't want him to read (hence why I'm deliberately vague about certain things)

But yes. At some point he should know.

I just don't think I'm at that point yet.

cycle003 said...

It's interesting how many different levels of intimacy we can have and how we often keep them separate. I definitely feel that reading your blog has given me insight into your personality, and I don't even know you, whereas B knows in ways I never will.

Bella said...

Nothing like a fight to get to know someone better!

EEE - I'm curious about the kitty. I'm sure you posted it somewhere, but I have not really been on the boards....Did you find a home for him?

Jay_Lee said...

When to tell someone that you have a blog....That does bring up something to think about. I mean I have one myself. I can't say that I don't tell people I have a blog, but I can't say that I do either. Sometimes it just comes up.

EEE said...

Bella - Sorry I didn't follow up with you!

Ibit does have a home!

My cat-lady neighbors are fostering him until he's weaned and then he's being adopted by one of their coworkers.

They're calling him LT (Little Thing) but I'm still calling him Ibit (Itty Bitty Kitty)


I'm glad it worked out!