Thursday, September 17, 2009

King Rebate

Every once in a while, I open my mailbox and find a check or a postcard redeemable for cash.

Since I lack follow-through and almost always fail to mail in the mail-in-rebates for "sale" items I buy, 99 times out of 100 these rebates can be traced back to my dad.

He is the king of the mail-in-rebate. He's able to recoup an awful lot of money this way.

As I said, every so often I find these rebates in MY mailbox - usually because my dad has exceeded the number of rebates he can have delivered to *his* household.

When I collected my mail this morning (I'm bad about collecting it daily) I found not one but TWO rebates - and not the usual piddly $2 or $3 rebates. There was a postcard from Menards for $33 and a check from Budweiser for $15.

The Menards cards are pretty common. But a check from Budweiser? What was that about?

So I called him to find out.

E3: Hi Daddy
Dad: Hi, E3. What's up?
E3: Why am I getting a check for $15 from Budweiser?
Dad: Woooeeeeee!!! You won't believe this deal! I went to the store and they had a deal where if you buy two steaks and a 12-pack of Bud you get $15 back. Steaks were $7.50 each so essentially the steaks were free and you know I'll drink the beer eventually.
E3: But why did you mail it here?
Dad: Well. I bought four! I sent rebates to myself, you, David, and Jo.
E3: Um... So... You bought eight steaks and four cases of beer??
Dad: Yep! Helluva deal!
E3: And you weren't even having a party?


Terri said...

I love your dad. I have to meet your dad.

J-Kat said...

I used to do that when I was really into couponing and rebates. If I had more than I needed, I'd have a check sent to my MIL or a friend. Now my next-door neighbor (remember the banana bread that has cost me thousands in dental work over the years?)--she would have a rebate sent to me and inform me that it was coming and it was hers.

For a while, about 10 years ago, there was a website. You could order stuff and pay outrageous prices, but it all would be rebated. I actually paid $100 for a stainless steel mixing bowl. I got back every cent I invested, but others were not so lucky because the company went bankrupt.

EEE said...

I will never ever ever tell my dad about rebates. com, J-Kat.



J-Kat said... is defunct, anyway. I probably spent about $300 there and got it all back. I made sure not to spend more than I could lose.

cycle003 said...

Does he let you keep the money or do you have to give the checks back?