Friday, October 23, 2009

Mother @$%^&*!!!!!


My car was broken into last night.


Seriously. Again.

This time they threw everything from the glove box and the console onto the seat but didn't take anything except the dashboard coin drawer - with all of $3 in quarters in it.


Since the new parking meters take plastic now, I don't need to carry change in my car. But for pity's sake!!!!!

And there's really not much I can do without actually ponying up for a car alarm.

From a website about Hondas:

A user wrote:It's very hard to protect a 4 gen accord. Most of the time a thief will use a flat head screwdriver to pry the top of the window from the rubber molding enough to get a grip on the window, then all that needs to be done is pull the window out with one hand and unlock the lock with your other hand. You would be surprised how far one of those windows will bend before shatering [sic]..."


So I'm actually considering dropping over $200 to protect a 15yo POS with less than $20 worth of crap in it.

Or I could just let this keep going and hope they don't eventually break my effing window...

Hey! But at least now I know how to get into my car if I accidentally lock my keys inside!


Rational said...


Wow! what is that twice in two weeks?

Id put written signs on both windows: "I don't keep anything in this car with any monetary value, please move on to the next car"

EEE said...

I know, right!?

Hehe... So I think I'm gonna start leaving little ziploc baggies of oregano and baking soda in my car...


Bella said...

EEE, why not leave the car open? Just always empty it out, keep your car docs somewhere else, and leave the car open.....

I tole you about my friend in LA who did that with his convertible right? It seemed like a good idea, and it mostly did work, but even then, not compeltely.

So sorry this keeps happening to you !!!

Been There said...

Christ that sucks!!!

Sorry this keeps happening to you, EEE. I like your ziploc baggie idea, though. ;P

Been there

BTW, maybe you should start a new Topix thread requesting ideas on how to stop this or what to write on the sign you put in the window.

Roo said...

That sucks, but I love your idea about the oregano and baking soda. :)

J-Kat said...

That's so awful. I don't recommend an alarm though, because I think people ignore them. My husband and son both have them, but after setting off my husband's last week (while I was IN the car) and not being able to shut it off for several seconds (AAAAAGH!), I told him I wasn't getting one. I like the oregano and baking soda idea, too. Or maybe leave some junk jewelry.