Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Neverending Story


So my car got broken into last night.


This is at least the third time.

The part that kills me is that I live in an incredibly boring neighborhood. It's pretty damned safe and boring and quiet and boring.

The first time they stole my GPS.

Stupid of me to keep it in the car, I know. But I figured it was "safe" because I didn't advertise it - it was a handheld one with no mounting bracket or anything, and I stowed it in the middle compartment rather than leaving it or its paraphenilia out on the seat.

But it WAS stupid of me to keep it in the car.

I occasionally do stupid things.

But usually USUALLY I learn from them.

So I no longer leave anything of value in my car.

The second time they broke in, they stole my ipod charger and the earbud for my phone. Seriously? The earbud for my phone???? That's worth about $10.

But some people can't help being assholes. They just have to keep coming back for more.

This time, I'm not even sure they managed to get IN my car. There are pry marks all around my window and a few small gashes in the leather on the door. (I'm soooo thankful they use a jimmy instead of breaking my windows!) But as there was nothing NOTHING worth taking this time, nothing went missing.

I wish this shit would end.

But I accept that there's little I can do to prevent it, short of buying a car alarm for a 15yo POS. So I just protect myself as best I can by not tempting them and not rewarding them.

Maybe they'll get bored and discouraged and give up? *hoping really hard!!!*


I really doubt it. But a girl can dream...


Jay_Lee said...

Oh honey, I'm sorry to hear that but at least the car is mostly unharmed.

Roo said...

That sucks.

I went to my car one morning and the door was slightly ajar, the glove compartment and center console were open, but nothing was missing. I had to laugh because my car is such a mess with school and baby crap that there really is no point in going in there (unless they wanted my empty red bull cans for recycling money).

Even if there's nothing of importance in it, some people are just daft enough to break in anyway.

Bella said...

I have a friend in LA who had a convertible and he put a sign on it whenever he left it anywhere "car unlocked, nothing in trunk or glove compartment" because he was so tired of people slashing the top to get inside. It worked to a point but he ended up ditching the convertible because of the problem of people slashing the top to get inside (even WITH the note).

EEE said...

Good idea, Bella. Maybe I SHOULD just leave it unlocked.

But that doesn't seem safe, either.


Maybe I should just leave a $10 under the wiperblade.

Angela said...

My friend leaves his car unlocked just to prevent break-in damage to his car. Just a thought. I know it sucks.