Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ships in the Night

More like "Trains in the Day"

I love it when I get a window seat on the morning train and by some mystical convergence in the universe, a south-bound brown line and a south-bound red line train leave Fullerton at the same moment.

The two trains chase each other on their not-quite-parallel tracks. One pulling ahead and then the other for all of two minutes.

And then, just before the brown line stops at Armitage and the red line shoots down into the subway tunnel, the two trains come together so closely that their respective passengers could almost kiss.

I love watching the people in the other train. Some of them asleep. Some of them reading books or newspapers or texting. Some of them staring into space. And some of them, like me, scanning the faces of those on the other train.

And I love it when I meet the eye of one of these people and we both smile, sharing a moment.

Little moments like that make me smile.


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Roo said...

So what you're saying is that little things amuse you? :)