Saturday, July 5, 2008

All You Need is Luvs


I have noticed, with alarming frequency, the number of Beatles songs that have been made into commercial jingles lately.

Target morphed "Hello, Goodbye" into "Hello Good Buy" which, while irritating, is kind of quirky.

But the worst of the worst is a horrible cover of "All You Need is Love" batsardized into "All You Need is LUVS."


It's a shame to have such a great song being pissed and shat on.

I give HUGE props to my ugly-sexy-rock-n-roll boyfriend Tom Petty for keeping it real and NOT allowing his great songs to be sacrificed in tribute to the all-mighty Dollar.

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Anonymous said...

EEE, as I was born in 1958, I grew up in my tender teenage years sitting around talking about whether or not Paul McCarthy was dead, about pictures that showed him smoking a cigarette with his right even though everyone knew he was left hand. If you play certain songs backward it says "Paul is dead". I could go on and on -- but I'm not sure who has the rights to the songs that gained the rights for commercials. Give it time, Tom Petty's "American Girl" used for those darn dolls. Or perhaps Breakdown used for some price comparison -- I see it now.....

:) Terri too lazy to sign in