Saturday, July 12, 2008

"Plateaus Happen"


I gained a pound this week. GAINED. As in "opposite of LOST"

Yes, I wasn't perfect this week: I drank wine and ate cheese with my bookclub; I partied a bit on the 4th. I could totally accept it if I didn't lose any weight this week, but ..... GAINED????

Yes, Rational my love, I KNOW that the scale doesn't matter as much as BMI and inches, but weight is an easy, quantifiable number.

And I don't like the spike on my Excel graph (Yes, I'm a dork, I have a spreadsheet set up to document my weightloss and Yes, I've made a pretty, colorful graph...)

I get that, really, one pound doesn't amount to a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but it's very very demoralizing.


Sharon was pragmatic: "Plateaus happen" she told me. But I don't WANT them to happen. If I had MY way, my gently-sloping decline would really be a black-diamond ski-slope.



Anonymous said...


I never thought of an Excel graph! You just made weight loss a whole lot more fun for me! :-D

Yes, I'm a dork too, and an Excel Master.


EEE said...

Hey Maruska! Haven't seen much of you lately!

I LOVE making graphs in Excel!

My weightloss one is a line graph with 2 lines, one for GOAL and one for ACTUAL.

Anonymous said...

I went on vacation and I've been catching up at work since then. Sad. It's been over a month and I'm still catching up from taking ten days off....

I read your blog all the time though... been meaning to work on my own, but it's that darned internal debate about what to share and what not to share....

Anonymous said...

okay - i posted this already, so i apologize if it shows up twice...

I went on vacation for two weeks at the end of May and have been catching up at work since then... sad, huh?

I read your blog all the time though... I'm impressed by your regularity. I wrote one entry on mine back in May and another tonight... not so regular. I need some blog-lax. :-P

EEE said...

Oooh, link to your blog, please!

Anonymous said...

EEE! Dont worry about it! Yes, a pound is nothing. It doesnt matter, if you have lost 12 then really you have probably lost 20lbs of fat or more and replaced some of the weight with lean muscle which is exactly what you want. keep up the good work, dont sweat the pound, its just motivation to keep going.


Anonymous said...

How much have you lost now? Are you still going to the gym? Keep up the good work.

I have a log of my losses and gains that I have kept since 1982 (I bet that was almost before you were born.) This really helped me and also keeping a journal of what I eat. is great.

I said under the Millie blog. I have gained a miserable amount during the last 2 1/2 years that I have been on a medication to prevent the recurrance of breast cancer. I keep trying, but it is so discouraging.

I have been to my primary doctor twice about it. First she said it's emotional eating. So I started tracking what I eat and gained 12 more pounds although eating 1200 less calores than my body requires each day. 1 1/2 years later (this June) I went back and told her it was not emotional eating so she said don't eat carbs at or after supper. I'm holding and trying to claw my way out of this mountain of pounds, but it is sooooooo hard.

From the heart

Garth said...

Confession. I have a excel graph too.

Bragging - Only 5 lbs from my license weight which hasn't been truthful since 21.