Thursday, July 24, 2008


They shut down our little online soap opera, As the Board Turns.

We lost a lot of really great material.


It really pisses me off.

I figured, OK, maybe we exceded our limit on "abuse reports" or something, because some people have NOTHING better to do than get offended.

So, I created a new one: ATBT - the Reboot

We got about 40 posts in and they yanked that one too.

So, now we're being stealthy. I created a second blog for us to chat on and then created a new forum but didn't post the link in Topix anywhere.

And it has a really boring name.

It's kind of funny, actually. We're all using fake names (Yeah, Nova, I know they can track us by our IPs, but if they were getting complaints based on people who hate me and follow me around reporting "abuse" on my posts, it can't hurt to go in cognito, right?)

I think Tex mentioned it was kind of like a costume party. Or maybe it was John T. ??? It's hard to tell when everyone is using a fake "fake" name. Hee hee!

Anyway, this is really annoying. I hope all my imaginary friends find their way to our new garden.

In the mean time, here's the story I wrote last night and rewrote this morning. They can't censor me here!!!!

"Who are we going to meet, again?" Eneyer asked.
"Man, I'll be glad when you finally get a brain," Nova grumbled.
"A brain?" Eneyer repeated, frowning as he scratched his head and came away with several strands of straw.
Tex led the way up the stairs, his feet clanging with each step.
"Yap yap yap yap!"
"Shush, Rational!" Court said, adjusting her short gingham dress to show a bit more leg.
"Yap yap yap yap!"
Court shoved Rational down into her basket and closed the latch.
"Halt! Who goes there?!" Bellowed Garth, who was wearing a silly green suit and a sour expression.
"We're here to see the Wizard," Court announced.
"The Wizard?!" Garth exclaimed. "Well, I never..."
"Tubal ligation!" Chortled Well, hurrying past on his way to a meeting of the Lollypop Guild.
Garth glared after him and then turned back to the group. "No one sees the Wizard! No one has EVER seen the Wizard! Even I have never seen him!"
"I need a heart!" Tex yelled.
"And - apparently - I need some F ing courage. Which is complete BS btw..." Nova grumbled.
"And I need to get home to see my Auntie Terri and my Uncle John T!" Court said.
"Yap yap yap yap!"
"And Rational needs to go for a walkie so he can make his poopie," Court translated.
"Absolutely not!" Garth declared.
"But the Good Witch Angelique sent us!" Court cried.
"Oh?" said Garth. "Prove it!"
"Um... She gave me these," Court said, ripping open her short gingham dress to reveal a set of Ruby Red La Perla lingerie"
"Blibbidy...." drooled Garth, his eyes bulging.
The rag tag group snuck past him, Tex's feet echoing through the majestic throne room.
WHO DARES DISTURB THE GREAT AND POWERFUL WIZARD OF ODD! a booming voice demanded, shaking the rafters.
The group huddled together, looking afraid, except for Nova. Court elbowed him and gave him a pointed look and he rolled his eyes. He tried to look afraid, but mostly he just looked annoyed.
"It's coming from behind that curtain," Nova said irritably.
"What's a curtain?" asked Eneyer.
"For the love of...!" Nova strode over to the curtain and yanked it aside to reveal Flawless looking completely beautiful and completely unrepenant. RACE was sitting at her feet. He popped a Dove chocolate into her mouth. When the others looked at her accusingly, she just shrugged.
"Now what?!" demanded Nova.
"Ah-ha-ha-ha!" a cackling voice cried out and they looked up to see the Wicked Witch Stina, looking frightfully beautiful on her flying roomba. She cracked her whip, snagging the basket right out of Court's arms. "I have you now, my pretty!" she crooned to Rational.
"Yap yap yap yap!" barked Rational as the Wicked Witch Stina sped away.

(Sorry for making you a dog, Rational my love, but someone had to be Toto!)


Angelique said...

If your thinking of abuse reports is correct, why did they take down Rational's Political thread as well. Grrrrr! Funny thing, is that when I sign in, all the stories I wrote for the ATBT thread are there.

Do you think it will be safe to ever post stories on our "How Does Your Garden Grow" thread?

Anonymous said...

See guys, I'm thinking it's me. i made Rational's Political Rally and I started the ATBT. I'm the common thread. I don't think I said anything really horrible, perhaps a typo did -- who knows. It is sooooooooooo sad. I can't believe how much it upset me. As I said before, it's like someone came and bulldozed our playground while we were sleeping. Actually -- while I was posting. I feel so violated.

How can someone try to take my imaginary friends away? That's what it was like. Here I have these people I converse via Topix and just *poof* gone, done....

I mean, I've shared some stuff that i can't get back and they just took it away!!

At least I'm tye type that will adapt. I'll just do it kicking and screaming. Thanks for hanging in there. i'm at home and looking for the gardeen now. I don't see it and I'm hoping it's because it's buried at this time and not b/c they took that away too!

See you on the Boards tomorrow. If for some reason they take that away, I'll try to find my way back to EEE's postings she set up when we were scheming.

Love you guys.

:) Terri

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Those typos were unintentional. I think I type more typos when I'm emotional. Maybe not. Sounds good though.


EEE said...

I know you guys.

The more I think about it the more pissed off I get!

What possible reason did they have to remove it????? We were getting ads, we weren't being TOO offensive (esp not on RPR - that made NO sense!)

You're right, it's like they came in and bulldozed our playground and then, when we jury-rigged a new swingset out of a rope and a tire, they cut down the tree!


I think we should continue to lie low for a little while at least.

They pulled ATBT2 after it gained momentum.

Bastards. Just... BASTARDS!

Anonymous said...

All of this happened while I was away. I come back and it's gone. Has anyone seen Rational today? Angelique your ISP says WA now. Are you vacationing? I feel like I missed so much.
From the heart