Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nearly Perfect

Today is my kind of day. Sunny and warm without being hot; breezy with low humidity. I’d be content if the temperature never got over 75º. Ever again.

I spent my first summer of grad school in Alaska, tramping through the woods scribbling notes. Aside from the insects and the ever-present worry over bears, moose, and wolves, and my own personal emotional upheaval, it was perfect. Just like today. Sunny and 75º nearly every day. Air-conditioned summer.

I could have done without the loooonng days, though. It was kind of neat at first to leave the bars at 2am and have it still be twilight, but it got old fast. I’ve always been a good sleeper but I found it hard to drop off when the sun was still only halfway to the horizon. The worst part was the that the kids in my apartment complex played outside (loudly and unsupervised) until the sun went down – often after midnight. That’s parenting for you. But that’s what you get when the Army puts you up in public housing…

But I’m not talking about Alaska. I’m talking about the most perfect manifestation of summer in Chicago. The only thing that would make today any better – aside from a hunky cabana boy to bring me pina coladas and nachos (Rational???) – would be if it were Saturday.

Some of my friends get “summer hours” and get released around 3pm in the summer. Not me. Summer is my busiest time. Even if I weren’t crazy-busy, I wouldn’t be able to call in sick today (tempting!!!!) because A) we’ve been dreadfully short-staffed for the past two weeks and B) calling in sick the day before a holiday gets you docked unless you have a doctor’s note. (I’ll talk about all the whiney little children who work in my office and the silly rules we’ve had to implement because of them in a later entry) The rule doesn’t really apply to me since I’m “management” but I’m a grown up. So it’s off to work I go.

Still, it’s perfectly gorgeous outside and I’m all prepared to have a fantastic day today and I wish everyone the same!!! Even you.

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Angelique said...

Hey EEE, I'm an introvert as well. Poor Sean is an extrovert so you can imagine his frustration until we got that issue resolved.

I'm an ISTJ. Have a great fourth. I very much enjoy your posts on this site.