Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Angel!

It's my imaginary friend Angelique's birthday today!

According to Susan Miller, July will be a strong, powerful month for Cancers. Though, from what I know of you, dearest Angel, I would bet that EVERY month is strong and powerful for you.

Happy birthday, you fun, funny, fabulous, fantastic, fascinating, phenomenal, fine, first-class French flirt!

Have a wonderful day and may this year be better than the last!

Your husband is a very lucky man.

Dead sexy, too.


1 comment:

Angelique said...

Thank you so my oh Eminently Elegant Enchantress. I plan to have a glorious birthday month being feted and dined. My husband is a gorgeous hunk but you should see his single brother! Now he (32 and unmarried) is perhaps the most beautiful man I have ever seen (and very nice as well). Sean and I like to take him with us when we go out to eat or shop because we get such incredible service. On Friday, my birthday lunch at Fenouil, the young bus ladies (all 5 of them) must have stopped at our table forty times. It's really funny!