Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To Vespa Or Not To Vespa

I want a Vespa.

Actually, I want a Sky Blue Vespa LX.

I have a car. It's a 1995 Honda POS. I rarely drive it. I put 3000 miles a year on it – tops.

I drive to DM a few times a year and last time I used a rental because my car was STILL at the body shop recovering from the $1800 hit and run it suffered when I parked it near the El.

So, my next big idea is: Vespa!

Have you seen them??? They are TOO cute.

There are pros and cons, of course.

Cheap. Though a new one is a wash with the price of my POS.
Fuel efficient: 70mpg
Did I mention they're cute???

Weather. Hot in the summer. Cold in the winter. Rain ain't fun.
No long trips (even if it is legal on the expressway – I don't think it is – NO WAY!)
I won't be able to be the designated driver unless we're using someone else's car (This could be a pro)
Parking in the City is problematic. And winter?
Speed: it maxes out at about 35mph (which is fine in the city)

But did I mention it's CUTE!!!!

Anyway, it's just an idea..

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Anonymous said...

I think they are soooooooo cute too. If it rains, rent a car. Your insurance (and your body repair) will be cheaper maybe. Also, you can try one out and report back so I can see if it's worth it. You live in the city. You don't need a car in the city. You need the Chicago Card and then you're set. I'm a suburbanite, so it night not be too smart, but the mileage! Also, I think I might even be able to find a parking spot at the train station with one. How much do you want for your Honda? Honda is a good car. I have a Toyota. They live forever just like Hondas. But, once again, you are in the city. Cars just get wrecked.

I will await your report....

Sox won tonight -- they creamed their opponent. Getting warmed-up for this weekend I believe.