Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My imaginary friend Nova has a blog.

He hasn't updated it in like 2 weeks and being the obnoxious little brat that I am, I thought I'd use my own blog to call him out on it.

Hi, Nova!


I can't speak for everyone else, but I check your blog every day. I look forward to hearing you crab-ass about a new topic each morning. I always get a chuckle or a smile or a frown of righteous indignation on your behalf.


That is all.


Anonymous said...

do you think he might have run out of things to "grump" about? :-)


The Grumpy Old Man from Chicago said...

I promise I will update it soon. Like Asha guessed, I haven't had a lot to grump about lately, but I'm putting together a special entry just for you, EEE. It should be up there soon...

EEE said...

Uh oh....

I'm in trouble now!

Bring it!

Anonymous said...

YAY Nova - we wait with bated breath :o)

EEE - where are your new dear abby/ amy letters? i miss them!


EEE said...

Hey Asha-

I've done a few on the boards but I forgot to save them. I guess I could go on a hunting expedition, but...

I'll make more of an effort to update them here, cutie!