Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hard Core

And you’re not hard core
Unless you live hard core

I am officially hard core.

Today I had a filling replaced without novocaine!!!

I was really *really* worried about getting this filling replaced today. (Thank you Angelique, Eneyer, Nova, Rational, Garth and everyone else who sent nice thoughts and fart-prayers my way!!!!)

The thing is, it wasn’t the drill or the evil little pokey bit (umm… it’s called a “probe” EEE) that had me all worked up.

It was the novocaine.

I was terrified of getting that shot. (I’ve never relished getting shots, but I like to think that I’m not a TOTAL baby!)

I somehow managed to convince myself that the moment the needle went in, I would rocket painfully off to La-La Land only to wake up weeks later on the Island of Lost Toys in some horrible persistent vegetative state with a wicked case of Bell’s Palsy. (I watch WAY too much “House”…)

Turns out my dentist was worried about the novocaine, too. He’d gotten some that didn’t have adrenalin in it, but he still didn’t want to use it if he didn’t have to. So he suggested doing the filling au naturale.

And I willingly agreed. Does it count as hard core if you do something out of sheer, mind-numbing terror of the alternative???

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Anonymous said...

When I was a child I hated the shots and so my dentist would do the fillings w/o novacaine. Then one day when I was all grown up and had to get a filling I was worried about the shot. Then they had developed a LOCAL anesthetic that would kill the pain of the I was home free. No more fillings w/o novacaine.

From the heart