Saturday, May 17, 2008

At the Ballet...

Everything was beautiful at the ballet.
Graceful men lift lovely girls in white.
Yes, Everything was beautiful at ballet.
Hey!I was happy... at the ballet.
-From A Chorus Line

Went to the Joffrey last night - the last performance on my subscription for this year's season.

I love ballet. Hell, I love dance. Any kind of dance (totally jonesing for "So You Think You Can Dance" to start up again next week!!!) I just love the combination of amazing athleticism with art.

Not that I can dance. Ha! Aside from the fact that I "lack hand-eye coordination" (according to every P.E. teacher from kindergarten on) I ain't got no rhythm either.

But I love Love LOVE to watch dance.

That said, last night's performance was stunning but ... weird. It was separated into four parts with two intermissions.

Part 1 (Cloven Kingdom) was interesting. Very primal drum-beat music and animalistic dancing. Kind of cool. But the whole performance was just WEIRD. I kept expecting Richard Dreyfuss to wander across the stage with a plate of mashed-potato saying "THIS MEANS SOMETHING!!!"

Part 2 (Inner Space) was basically 3 dancers in a 4x4x6 clear acrylic box (quel claustrophobia!!!) with no music - very cool, very quirky, and very Cirque d'Soleil.

Part 3 (" with my heart") was a lovely contemporary dance performed by three couples to the music of Richard Rodgers - and was the only part of the evening's performance which included live music (which miffed me a bit - I was expecting a full orchestra...)

Part 4 (Waterbaby Bagatelles) was an interesting collection of vignettes with a swimming pool / beach theme. This was the only part of the evening in which the dancers did toe work (my FAVORITE part of ballet) but I HATED the music. 12-tone must have been inspired by the mind-numbing drone of household appliances!!!! That said, I adored the dancing during this part!!!

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