Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Drunk Post!!!

I have noticed a marked decrease in my alcohol tolerance in the past couple months - since I started my new "regime" of exersizing 5-6x per week and eating all healthy and sh*t....

I went to a girlfriend's house tonight - because Rational would rather hang out with his "boys" than drool over Simon with me - and I had 2 - TWO - glasses of wine and I am REALLY feeling it!!! Even with the pizza we ate, I FEEL that wine.

I'm no lush, but I usually have a little better tolerance than that. My father would be appalled to learn that his daughter was such a light weight!!! (alcoholically speaking that is!) And now I'm home and what do I do??? Crack open that New Zealand Chardonnay I bought last week....

I'm missing Simon tonight, but I'll live. It wouldn't be the same without Aimee & Sara (not Angry-Sara, a different Sara) anyway. And the Rosemont is much too big a venue to do him credit.

Hmmm.... Though the thought of meeting Rational....



I have the crazy idea of inviting him to join my blog so we can do the He Said/She Said idea he had....

I'm totally deleting this post tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

My Dearest EEE!

First of all: You forgot to delete this post. Heh heh. Sorry I couldn't make the concert with you. But I like too much to ruin your opinion of me by actually having to put up with me in person too! That being said, my days are just not complete without your fantastic, thoughtful, insightful, flirty, and fun posts.

So he/said she said. The only problem with that is too often we agree. Ha-ha, so, alas I would cheat, let you do your write up first and then merely post in mine "What she said!" Nah, I dont think I would do that.

Here's lookin at you kid (your eye anyway! :) )

Yours Always,


EEE said...


Thanks for the note. Your posts always pick me up, too.

I'm sorry I've been in a funk this afternoon. I don't know what's up with me. Usually, I'm the goofy, glib, smiley one who doesn't let things get too serious.

But today I'm... sad.

I dunno. For some reason I'm just really sad.

I'll be better tomorrow, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Its alright. We all have our moments and our days and no one can be expected to be ON all the time. I know you will be fine. You're too good not too.

See ya tomorrow