Friday, May 9, 2008

Game ON!

So, I’ve been working with a trainer for the past two months or so. I’m losing weight, but it’s slow, about a pound a week. In the first couple weeks, I actually gained two pounds. :( Disheartening, but I pushed through it.

A couple weeks ago, I was talking to my sister, Jo on the phone and mentioned that I’d lost six pounds.

The next day she calls me at work and shouts down the phone line: “Game ON!”

Me: Huh?
Jo: Game ON!
Me: You’re going to need to elaborate.
Jo: I just joined a new gym and the game is totally ON! We’ll see who can lose more weight by the time I see you in June.
Me: OK. That’s sounds cool. (I’m already pretty committed to losing weight, but a little healthy competition is never hurt anyone)

A week later she calls to check in.

Jo: I lost five pounds this week! How about you?
Me: Um.... One.
Jo: (sounding like I’d just popped her balloon) One?!
Me: Yeah. One. It’s always one. (I try not to sound defensive)
Jo: But you said you’d lost six pounds…?
Me: Yeah, in SIX WEEKS.
Jo: Oh. Well, I’m planning to lose 15 more by June.
Me: (I’ll be lucky if I lose 15# by Labor Day) June is four weeks away. Is that healthy?
Jo: Sure! four to five pounds a week is normal.
Me: Um… No. It’s not. How many calories are you eating?
Jo: I’m trying to stay under 1,000
Me: That’s insane.

Madame EEE makes a prediction: Jo will meet her goal to lose 15 pounds by June. Hard not to when she’s practically starving herself. HOWEVER, once this short-term deadline is reached, she will fall off the wagon HARD and gain back ten pounds in a month. (Madame EEE has seen it happen before, specifically she has seen it happen with Jo before)

Unless I can convince her to chill a bit. (Not easy – she inherited impatience from our dad and stubborn from mom) I am trying to steer her towards a healthier calorie count/goal.

But the competitive Force is strong in my family. I have it. My father has it. My sister has it… (sorry, channeling Luke Skywalker…) Bader. Anyway, I am resisting the urge to cut my calories, too. Since I truly feel that I’m at the lower threshold of my daily operating budget, resistance is far from futile (D'oh! Mixing my sci-fi metaphors again!)

But hey! It’s Friday! And Friday is my diet holiday! Shalom Deli here I come!
Mmmmm…. bagel & lox….

Happy Friday, all!

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Anonymous said...


Nice post. Good luck to you. Losing a pound a week is the pace you want to work. More than that is not healthy and is also usually not sustainable. Think about it, if you lose a pound a week, thats 52 pounds in a year, or 1/2 a Nicole Ritchie!

Don't forget one thing: Whats most important is INCHES. At some point you may hit a plateau and you wont be losing weight, that will be because you are building more muscle which is leaner and denser of course. So you should really be looking to lose inches, not pounds.

Good luck, stay on track you are doing it the right way.