Saturday, May 31, 2008


OK. I really like my gym. It's affiliated with a hospital so they have really well-maintained equipment and a lot of it. It's usually not too crowded and I've almost never had to wait for a treadmill. The members are - for the most part - courteous and polite. And there's a nice ratio of beautiful people to therapy patients.

But as with everything, there's always a few people who have to be asshats.

We all know, or should know, the four basic tenets of Gym Etiquette:

  • Don't be a Machine Hog We've all seen that guy (or girl) who spends twenty minutes on the squat machine, and then rests for 5min between sets without offering to share. I understand that sometimes it's best to just finish, but if there are clearly six other people waiting, maybe you can alternate so someone is pumping iron while you're resting and vice versa.

  • Wipe up Your Sweat It is gross Gross GROSS to leave a puddle of your salty body juice behind on the stretch mat or smeared all over the elliptical. There are 50million towels in the gym, laundered fresh 30 times a day as well as squirt bottles of alcohol and strategically placed handy-wipes. There is NO EXCUSE for leaving a sweat-smear behind.

  • Pick up your Trash Yesterday I found an F-ing band-aid in the cup-holder on the treadmill. EWWWW!!!! You've just jogged six miles, you can't walk ten more feet to the trashcan???

  • Shut up Luckily, cell phones are strictly verboten at my gym. But I've heard horror stories of chatterboxes dictating their life stories into their phones while spinning. Multitasking has to end at some point, people!!!

OK. End Rant.

Enjoy the gorgeous weekend, everyone!!!

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Terri said...

It is so funny how you said about crack -- I was just talking about this with my friendly bus driver. Whatever someone's favorite Starbucks item is, no other brand will do (Dunkin Donuts, etc.). There's something in their stuff that just HOOKS you and you have no power over it.......