Thursday, May 8, 2008


Am I the only person on the planet who couldn't give a flying fig about American Idol???

I mean, I resisted reality tv for a very long time and even I have a few shows that have very conflicted, love-hate relationships with (Will Whitney become the 1st plus-size girl to win Top Model??? Will Paulina Porizkova take over as host once Tyra finally loses her nut?) *I'm so ashamed.*

But I just can't get into Idol. An may I just channel my mother for a moment: The guy with the dreads - Jason??? - would be SO much better looking if he shaved his head or at least cut it. Hell, even a nice, conservative faux-hawk would be better than his current 'do.

And speaking of Paulina Porizkova.... Married to Ric Ocasek for almost 20 years now. She's still gorgeous and he's still bu-tugly. I'm a firm believer in ugly-sexy (Tom Petty, I'm your SLAVE) but I just don't see it with Ric.

who's gonna tell you when it's too late?
who's gonna tell you things aren't so great?
you can't go on thinking nothing's wrong.
who's gonna drive you home tonight?

I totally skipped the gym today. I'll probably eat like a rabbit to over compensate...

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