Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Heart Rational

My e-crush is having girlfriend troubles. Part of me is a little excited that he might soon be single – how F’d up is that? I’ve never even met the guy nor do I have plans to yet I like the idea of him being free??? – but mostly I’m sad for him. I hate the idea of him being in pain and no matter how right a breakup might be, breakups are F-ing painful. I even feel bad for his gf. What’s up with that?

I heard a funny story about three guys trying to drive through the entire lower 48 in 120 hours. How do people think these things up? How do they decide to do it? This is something I would never contemplate doing. I like driving well enough, but take a moment to imagine what the car is going to SMELL like at the end of the fifth day! Yikes.

But the story got me thinking about the meaning of life (again) and what makes a life “significant” Lots of people accomplish a lot of little things: a thriving business, a healthy family, some form of art… but most people just live their lives without any great GOAL. My parents for instance. Great people, hell, they’re the best. But what have they REALLY done? They raised three children semi-successfully, they have a nice home and a tidy little nest egg for their retirement. But in fifty years, after they’re gone, who will remember them other than those of us who knew and loved them first hand??

And the bigger question: Who will remember me? Certainly those within my first degree of separation, but beyond that?

Why am I obsessed with the idea that immortality can be achieved through second or third degree separation? If only I can publish a single book and have it sell a moderate number, I will live on in a library or two or a bookshelf here and there.

But the bigger question is: Why does it matter to me?


Asha said...

Hi EEE - I have seen your comments on the chicago tribune page :-) very witty, esp the banter between you and rational :-) can actually feel (see?) the sparks flying...!!

Anonymous said...

EEE -- How cool is this? Okay -- putting this on my favorites. It's true, I do like how you write -- you do have to get a book published.

I can't believe Rational doesn't know about this. He is going to turn 32 shades of red when he see it but it'll be oh so good.

Good luck to you. I'll be reading...


Anonymous said...

33, 34, 35............

Umm...WOW! I can't put it into words right now. :)


Anonymous said...

holy shit, this is psycho stalker stuff!!