Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mom Rocks!

My mom rocks! Seriously, she's totally the coolest mom ever. It amazes me sometimes that someone as sweet and patient as she could have spawned someone like me.

Mostly, she's your traditional, Catholic, Baby Boomer mom. She married young, popped out three kids one after the other and stayed home with us until Jo, the youngest, was in school full time. And then she went back to work.

And still she found time to cook, clean, help with homework, drive to soccer, gymnastics, art classes... etc etc.... (I'm exhausted just THINKING about it!!!)

Not that she's a doormat, or even a saint. The woman can hold her own. And she's STUBBORN. Arguing with her is like facing off against a freight train. Yell all you want, the track's been laid.

Her biggest accomplishment, in my eyes, aside from raising three children, is putting up with my father all these years. I love the guy, but I can only take him in small doses. He's a punk. He's one of those high-energy, uber-smart people who loves to push peoples' buttons. He's funny and fun to be around, but I have a firm Four Day Rule: I can't visit them and they can't visit me for longer than four days. Otherwise we dissolve into a huge shouting match over something stupid.

About a year ago, my mother was forced to retire. I had serious concerns for my father's health. He himself had been retired for several years at this point and spent a lot of time at home. And I knew, I just KNEW that those first few months of my mother's retirement would be crucial. I begged, I threatened, I pleaded with him to PLEASE NOT BE HIMSELF, just for a few months while Mom adjusted to being home all day.

There were some touchy times. I lived in fear of getting that late night phone call that Dad had gone too far and Mom had bashed him over the head with the blender. But my mother held firm against my father's annoying habits (and my sister's attempts to gain a free babysitter) My father is still healthy as an ox and Mom is now loving her retirement.

Congratulations, Mom! You deserve to enjoy every minute of it!!!

Thank you so much for always being there for me, for being funny and sweet and stern and unpredictable!!! I wish I could be there with you today!

God! *sniff* I'm such a girl!

I love you, Mom!

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