Wednesday, May 7, 2008


The phone just rang. I figured it would probably be my sister calling to have one of our patented non-conversations:

Jo: Whatcha doing?
Me: Nothing. What's up?
Jo: Nothing.
Me: How are the kids?
Jo: Sleeping.
Me: Oh.

Only more boring.

But the phone wasn't Jo. It was the CSU Alumni Association. Of course they were calling for money. Or at least I assume they were calling for money. I didn't answer. What did I do before caller-id?

The thing is, this is the third time they've called in three days. And each time I look at the phone, see the number, and then set the phone back down VERY CAREFULLY as if it might accidentally pick up on its own, and then I sit there VERY QUIETLY until it stops ringing, as if THEY KNOW that I'm screening...

This blog, too, is just another shining example of my mad avoidance skills. I OUGHT to be working on my book, ought to be puzzling out the Gwen question (should she or should she not be aware that she works for a vampire cartel????)

Baby, I put the PRO in procrastination...

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