Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunny days

So the long weekend is almost over. :(

I managed to get some shopping done (the dreaded swimsuit search is done!), hang out with my friends, drink some awesome homemade sangria, and introduce my legs to the bright light of day for the first time in about nine months.

For a while we were worried that the weather gods weren't going to cooperate, and in fact, right after we lugged all our stuff down to the patio and settled ourselves at the table, it started to rain. We sat glumly under the "sun umbrella" for about fifteen minutes drinking and debating whether we should do an indoor picnic, but then the sun came out. And stayed out the rest of the afternoon with a perfect eastbound wind to keep it comfortable. :)

It was a fun, laid-back afternoon, and I was glad to catch up with several friends I hadn't seen in a while.

Of course, I managed to land myself with a mild sunburn. But only on my right side. Ugh.

I look like a peppermint pinwheel.

Normally, I am extremely anal about the sun. Big, floppy hat, SPF 2500, lots of shade... But I'm going on vacation soon and I thought a light tan wouldn't hurt. That'll learn me.

At least my face was pretty well covered so I didn't freckle - yet.

Sorry this post is a little dull, but frankly, the weekend was a little dull. Perfectly, pleasantly dull.

Sigh. See you on the boards tomorrow.

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